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100% Scout Life Benefit

Recharter time is on us again, and I’ve heard in the past about “100% Boys Life.” But just what does that get us? Raising enough money in Friends of Scouting get us rank patches for free, but what is the benefit of 100% Scout Life?

I think the answer varies from council to council.

LOL - I think you get a ribbon

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@JSyler - in our council it is a ribbon.

We were told they didn’t make the ribbons last year. We also didn’t get the ribbon from the year before. :frowning:

The advantage is that is a direct marketing mailer sent to each Scout’s home. In the past, they have had data about Scouts who get Scout Life (was Boys’ Life) are more likely to stay in.

Yeah, we get a “special” JTE patch for the uniforms.

They didn’t make one last year.

Thanks guys now I am going to cry

Sure; I was just hoping there was some sort of tangible benefit so I could incite parents to sign up. “If everyone signs up for Scout Life, the troop gets this!”


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