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1940s Eagles

Im trying to research Scouts, in my troop, who were Eagles from the 1940s-1970s. Our local council only has records from the 1980s, even our troop restarted, to the present.

I’ve searched our local newspaper, county historical society and or chartered organization. I’ve turned up about 10 “maybes.”

Is there any record of Eagles from that period?

Thanks for the listen!

Mollyann Hesser

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I suggest contacting the National Eagle Scout Association.

They may have paper records.

Also see Public list of ALL Eagle Scouts (2014) discussion in SCOUTER Open Discussion - Program forum. (non-BSA site)


Check your local library, when we started are troop back up I was in mine making copies for a activity when talking to the librarian and how we were getting phone calls from towns people saying they had kept old equipment from the past troop and do we want them back , any way she pulled out a binder from a self that some one had listed the history of the eagles in our town ( now that said I live in a small town) might be worth a try.


Your Council should be able to pull a list of all Eagles in Scoutnet.


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