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1st Class 3a

3a Discuss when you should and should not use lashings.
I can not find the answer in the Scout Handbook.
Thank you.

There’s a discussion of “outdoor ethics in pioneering” in the 13th edition handbook (the latest I have). There are also various statements in the lashings section regarding maximum safe heights, etc for pioneering projects. I don’t see why they would have taken these data out in the newer editions. Maybe it was just relocated somewhere?

Thank you Charley this is for the scout who was working On 1st Class before the pandemic. I will check out the 12th and 13th editions Andersen’s I can find. Stay safe.

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I ALWAYS say the answers are in the book. This was a good test of that and it isn’t clear. The section on lashings says to be environmentally aware when obtaining materials and don’t do projects that have you go over 6 feet. It doesn’t cover the obvious answer to me and that is don’t use lashings in life safety applications where a failure would injury or kill someone. The nice thing about the kindle edition is the ability to search and the easy answer is that I don’t think it clearly states when not to use lashings.

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