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2-4-1 Adventures

Like every good first time Den leader, I read the adventure requirements the day, sometimes hours, before my meeting. When planning for my next meeting, I’m finding that a lot of the adventures repeat themselves (good nutrition, go on a walk/hike, do a service project, etc). Does anyone have a list of the repeat adventure requirements so that I can make them off at one time? Is this allowed?

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A lot of those adventures have an either/or option. So instead of “checking” it off like some would, I would do the opposite option in that adventure to keep it fresh, new, and exciting. Take the time to explore each adventure and see how you can build upon the requirements. You can never take away, but you can always add more.

Wow, that’s a super wrong response above me.

In both programs you can’t add requirements ever. It’s just not allowed. Very top of page 2 of the guide to advancement

And you can take away requirements in Cubs in certain situations. on page 17.

There’s not that many cross adventure requirements in the same age. One of the few is in Wolf where you do the outdoor code for two different items.

But we also have been known to do the outdoor code at meetings. So while I’m not going to be a jerk and hold up rank advancement because they missed the one or two meetings but did go on the hike, I do have it in our plan to do it multiple times

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So I’m a Tiger Den leader. In Games Tigers Play, required requirement 2 is “Talk about good nutrician and bring a nutritious snack”. In Tiger bites, requirement 6 is “make a good snack choice”. My Tiger Jungle req 1 “Go for a walk”; Tigers in the Wild, " Go for a hike".
Can I kill two birds with one stone on these adventure requirements?

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Well the Cub Scout Motto is “Do Your Best”. So make plans that work for you But still keep the Scouts engaged. Most first graders Love making and Eating snacks - so do you want one time of engagement or 2? Same with being outside in my book.


When I taught these I kept them separate. My approach was much more about providing a safe and fun program through the whole scout year. If that means we take two hikes - we did it. Did we talk about then eat healthier choice snacks - we did multiple times. If your goal is to complete advancement/rank as fast as possible, I don’t see a prohibition against using one event for multiple requirements. What some have seen is they get done with rank and then struggle with finding things to do. We would “double up” on electives when it made sense.

I did the same for Tiger through AOL.

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While noted in the Scouts BSA portion of the Guide to Advancement (Section, and therefore not specifically germane to Cub Scouting, it’s worth considering the same sorts of questions in regards “double counting” a single activity.

When I was a den leader, I tended to do things multiple times where called for in the requirements (and where it was fun). However, if a scout had only managed to do something once, and that something was sufficiently congruent with what was listed to satisfy for another requirement, I gave the scout credit for satisfying both requirements.

So, I wouldn’t plan to not do things multiple times, but for things that are “near-duplicates”, I would be open to counting that activity more than once if needed.

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Actually it’s not. As long they meet the basic requirements, you can add more to enrich the learning, but in the end as long as they do their best that’s all that matters. I’m not talking about adding more requirements than what is necessary, i’m talking about making it more interesting. For example, in Build It for Webelos/AOLs, you can broaden the type of basic tools they learn about rather than only doing the ones that are listed. I’m talking about being more creative in how you do the adventure, not adding more “required” in order for them to achieve.

You’re probably already aware of this, but just in case: There are some significant limits (to my mind) on what types of tools Cubs are permitted to use, in the Guide to Safe Scouting. They seem to update the list more frequently that I would expect, so if you haven’t looked at it recently, it’s worth a peek. That’s not to say that it’s an unusably-small working set of tools, but a lot of stuff I used as a little kid was on the “not permitted” list.

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Yes I agree, the only reason why I used that as an example is because we just recently did that with our Webelos/AOLs.

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When I plan out my year (yes, I plan my whole year out), those are the things I look for. Sometimes the requirements might have a slight variation so I will try to include everything during the meeting to cover all the bases.

I find having the requirements side by side as I work is helpful (either through the book, den leader guides, or printed from Scoutbook).

Some of the requirements can also be used for the various awards as well.

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I would suggest doing some activities in the spring and again in the fall. Like hikes, clean up projects/ community services, outdoor activities…
Many times some scouts have to miss out because of sports or illness. So having the ability to do it even if they miss helps. And yes most say they can be done with den, pack or family.
The only time i know you can’t use the same activity to double count is for the Outdoor activity award. It states that the hike been done in addition to the one needed for require rank advancement.

I plan the whole year out very early but things happen and you need to be flexible. Again way i like to have a fall and spring option. Meeting have to be canceled. Bad weather hits and you just cant reschedule. Kids get sick. Just do your best and try to have fun with it

You could yes but the Tigers requirements most of them can be done in one meeting. So have fun with it. Have 2 meetings a month and do activities that will meet an advancement. Tigers also have alot of energy so use have the meeting time just for play. Or one meeting really doing the requirements and the second meeting of the month a fun activity

And things happen so if say from dec thur feb meetings get canceled because everyone with the flu you can still advance your scouts

Do your best and try to have fun with it

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Some repeat on purpose. The young scouts long term memory is not quite there yet. So if you present the experience multiple times it has a chance to sink in.

Be mindful that we are trying to provide the best possible experience while shuffling scouting in between all of the other activities that youth seem to have these days. If you can count one activity for two requirements then that enables you to do something else rewarding with them in place at a later time.

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