2 I* A*s in Our Unit

Hello - I reached out to my council, but we haven’t received resolution yet, so thought I’d try here. We have 2 I.A.'s assigned in Scoutbook to Pack 290 and no idea how the one that should not be there got there. It happened when our I.A.'s leadership application was put through. Any ideas on how to remove the ‘wrong’ I.A.? I didn’t want to . I have BSA #s for both if that will help. All of this was provided to our council as well as I don’t want to cause more problems by asking here. Our I. is having troubles in Scoutbook though and I’m not sure if it ties back to this.

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Please do not post names of others in the forums. Please post the BSA Member IDs without names of the individual and someone will look into the issue for you.

@ChasidyCavanna I was able to find the other adult leader with initials I.A. and put an end date on his positions with your pack. (He is a different person with the same name.)

Sorry will be sure to only use BSA #s in the future.

Thank you. For some reason I have not been able to get our roster to pull up for the past 2 days, so I’m not able to double check it, but am sure we’re all good! Appreciate the help!

The wrong I.A. - SB User ID# 12657033, that was assigned to our pack 290 roster says he’s still getting our emails. I have no idea how this is happening as I do not see him in our roster any longer. I have his email address, but I know I’m not supposed to post personal information. His real BSA ID 14347715 and real SB ID is 2338418 for the Troop he’s truly in.

See if he is still invited to events on your calendar

I see 2 I.A.'s in the RSVP area, but when I go into Invitees I only see 1, so not sure how to remove him.

Generally, saving the event after updating the invitee list drops people who are no longer on the roster, even if there’s no “visible” change to the invitees.

Thanks. I’ll try that.

If you have a lot of events to update, the Feature Assistant Extension makes it comparatively easy to update things.

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