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2019 Batch Advancement

FYI batch advancement can be done for a den by going to “edit den”

Hi, @TheodoreLee,

According to this Scoutbook Knowledge Base article, it should be under the Edit Den settings.

ETA: Oops. I guess you found it about the same time I was tracking down the reference. Nevermind. :wink:

Are you referring to advancing a den to the next den level at the end of the school year? Yes, that is done on the “Edit Den” page.

Yeah, the OP was modified to eliminate the original question. It was something along the lines of “We used to be able to advance a den as a group to the next program year by going to one location. Has this moved? We can’t find it.”

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What about the webelos den? When I move tiger to wolf, wolf to bear, bear to webelos it automatically advances their grade. But since webelos/aol is one it doesn’t do that…

The Feature Assistant Extension for Chrome & Firefox can increment the grade of a den via the Quick Entry Update School Information function. Go to your den page, select Quick Entry then Update School Information. There is an Increment Grade button at the top of the page.

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You sir, are an officer and a gentleman! Perfect! I’ve used the extension for a few things, but keep getting impressed with hidden gems like this. THANKS!!