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2020 Journey to Excellence Patches

I usually present these at my January pack meeting. I’ll have to do the shoppig for that on Saturday the 23rd. I see that the plain JTE patches are now available on the Scout Shop website, but I don’t see 100% Boys’ Life (or Scout Life) versions. Are these being dropped?

That’s interesting. I asked at my local National shop about them? And he said they haven’t come in yet. Of course, he may have just assumed they’d come in eventually.

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When checking out ScoutShop.org, it seems as though they did a SKU simplification. They reworded it to say “Journey to Excellence Gold Award 2020”. There is no 100% Boys’ Life Listed, nor district and council (due to canceling them for 2020?). It makes sense to not have them as they went from 12 SKUs to 3 if my hunch is right.

@RickHillenbrand Are you able to confirm that BSA has discontinued the 100% boys life JTE patches?

Not today. (MLKing holiday)

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This program really should cancel the yearly patch, instead, it should offer yearly pins that can be put onto the shoulder patch (or yearly borders to add to the patch).

I’m for anything to simplify and cut costs. But there’s a reason I wouldn’t do a pin on the shoulder and cost is part of it.

The JTE patches cost $2.19 each today

A single patch for someone their first year at that price in bulk maybe could be $1.99
Then each year a year pin at $1.49

Units don’t come out ahead with patch + pins for any member less than four years in. The number of Scouts who make it to four years isn’t very large.

So the pin idea is a cost increase for most, that’s bad.

It also puts a pin on someone’s shoulder, at the very base. Wear your uniform without a shirt underneath (or too short a sleeve) and every time you swing your arm the pin will rub your arm. When the pin pokes through the backing it’s now a sharp pointy problem

I could see doing some kind of simple counting pin, but that doesn’t recognize the year aspect of the award which is so key.

Short of changing the patch design and expecting people to remove it each year, it’s probably the best plan available to have a yearly patch.


I’ve heard a lot of pushback against pin devices for the recognition knots, even on these discussion groups. @KevinCarlyle hit the big points on abrasion/stabbing on the arm. There’s also the off-and-on of the pin(s) each time the uniform goes in the wash, plus the holes in the patch itself, and the tendency for pins to get lost if the backer falls off. The first scout or sibling with a pin in his or her foot would likely start the push to change away from the pins.

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If they want to reduce the cost of producing the yearly patches, get rid of the metallic thread and make them smaller. They can just say

JTE Gold 2020
JTE Silver 2020
JTE Bronze 2020

Use a small fleur-de-lis without details. Yellow border for gold, white border for silver, and brown border for bronze. Make them about the size of a Trained strip,

If they want to recognize 100% Scout Life subscriptions, just put a profle of a Pedro head after the year without details. Peopel will figure out what it means. They figure out what the merit badges are, right?


Go the ScoutShop.org and search for 2020. They heard you. :slight_smile:

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@Matt.Johnson - They heard a little bit of me. It looks like the metallic thread is gone. They could still make them smaller.

Is there any word on this @RickHillenbrand? I need to do my shopping on Saturday for my Monday evening pack meeting. If there will be 100% Scout Life versions, I’ll wait until next month. If not, I’ll buy the regular ones now.

@PeterHopkins Here is the best answer I can give based.on talking to an employee at arguably the ‘largest’ scout shop (by volume of sales) in the country. I did not get an answer using my other trap lines. 100% BL JTE patches for 2020 are not available presently, there is no ability to order them, and there has been no communication about a future availability. In the past these would have been available by now, thus the employee opined that they are not likely coming.

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I was told at my local shop that they didn’t have 100% BL patches this year due to rebranding to Scout’s Life. I have no idea if they actually knew what was going on, or were guessing, but they confirmed that 100% patches would not be available for 2020.

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That’s exactly what I was going to post. They’ve officially announced the rebranding last month, so it wouldn’t make sense to have 100% Boys Life patches at this point.

Thanks, @RickHillenbrand . Unfortunately, I had to make my run to the Scout Shop before your reply was posted, a day earlier than I had originally thought. So, I didn’t buy the non-100% Scout Life versions. We’ll hand themout in February.

Sorry on the timing… but based on what I have found out, there will be no 100%BL version of unit JTE patches this year.

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