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$25.00 one time registration fee

Good morning,
Can someone tell me how to explain the one time $25.00 registration fee in as simple terms as possible. We have a committee meeting Monday night and I want to be prepared if there are any questions. If I am reading this correctly if little Timmy joins in September he will need to pay the $25.00 joining fee PLUS the registration fee of $66.00 when he hands in his application. Correct? Then when he reregister in 2021 he needs to pay the reregistering fees? Thank you.

The one-time fee of $25 is just that. The registration fee of $66 is pro-rated for the current year, so if Timmy joins in September he would pay 4/12 of $66, or $22 for the current year, then $66 for 2021 at recharter.


Or $85 if the Scout Joins in March.

I let families know what our Pack dues is and I list the fees for our incoming families. I let them know what is charged by National, what is charged by our Council and what the remaining money goes towards in our Pack. Our Troop does the same thing.

Since units recharter at different times of the year you will need to prorate the national and probably any local council fees. The $25 one time fee is not popular with me personally but I suppose the rationale is to cover any expenses of getting a new member into the system. I would suggest that units plan their budget and work out either monthly or quarterly payments to make it more affordable for families, especially those with multiple members. Additionally applying a portion of fundraising income towards reregistration expenses can encourage participation in unit fundraisers. KISMIF

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