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25 World Jamboree

https://wsj2023.us - Did find today that both Youth and Adult Registrations are up - not a bad youth cost at $6,100 - I assume that is travel from certain hubs (I asked in message).

I was in line at my local bagelry, dressed in full Scout uniform, buying breakfast for the other leaders in our Jamboree unit. It was our first in-person meeting, and I was pretty excited about it. It is not unusual for someone to comment about Scouting when I am in the community, so I wasn’t surprised when an elderly woman stopped to tell me a story. Paraphrasing here, this is what she said:

“My brother went to the World Scout Jamboree in Japan in 1971. He climbed Mt. Fuji and got rained out on the way down the mountain. He’s an Eagle Scout too. He made so many friends in Japan – from all over the world. We’ve listened to his stories for years. His best friends are those he met at the Jamboree. There are four Scouts – each from different countries – who still keep in touch (44 years later). They started by writing letters to each other – now it is by email and Facebook. The Jamboree changed his life.”

I’ve heard that story over and over again, from Scouts who went to the World Jamboree in Budapest in 1933 to those who attended the last one in 2019 in West Virginia. It is transformative. Scouting’s founder had a hunch that would happen when he gathered Scouts from 100+ countries in 1920, right after the first World War. Jamboree is not just an event or reunion, it is an act of Peace. I hope your Scout can join us in SaeManGeum. They’ll never forget it.
– Mark Beese, parent, volunteer, and former Jamboree Unit Leader

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