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2nd class 1a

For the 1a requirements for 2nd and 1st class, what does your troop count as activities?

“1a. Since joining Scouts BSA, participate in five separate troop/patrol activities, at least three of which must be held outdoors. Of the outdoor activities, at least two must include overnight camping. These activities do not include troop or patrol meetings. On campouts, spend the night in a tent that you pitch or other structure that you help erect, such as a lean-to, snow cave, or tepee.“

For example, Scout Joe, with the help of an ASM, organizes an outing on a weekend to look for local plants to complete another requirement. He arranges for for 2deep leadership, announces the event to the entire troop, and executes the outing. Would that count as a parole/troop activity for 1a for Scout Joe? The activity is sanctioned by the troop but meets at a time different from the regular patrol/troop meeting? Scouts from all patrols are invited.

How about for the other Scouts who attend?

Or alternatively what if the event Scout Joe organized was tenderfoot fitness testing?

Some ASMs have different interpretations about what should count as an activity outside a regular trio/patrol meeting . Some say that if the intent of the activity to fulfill a rank requirement it shouldn’t count as an activity. Others say that events scouts elect to attend outside normal meetings should count.

Just curious about opinions from those outside our troop.

Hi, @CrystalJacobs1,

There’s a similar type of discussion going on here. The most common rule of thumb I’ve seen is “anything organized as an activity for the troop or patrol that isn’t a troop meeting” is an activity. There are some differences of opinion on specific cases (see the linked article). The requirement is to participate, not to organize, so anyone participating (including Scout Joe) gets to count it.

Regarding anything organized with the specific intent of meeting another requirement not counting, I would have to disagree. After all, what “activities” would that leave? Almost anything the unit or patrols do satisfies some requirement. IMHO, that’s even more “lawyering” of the requirements than I usually engage in, which is saying quite a bit. :wink:

At the end of the day, the PLC determines the troop program, and the PL determines the patrol program, each in consultation with the unit leader (SM) or his/her designee(s). You mentioned that different ASMs have different opinions. What’s the SPL’s opinion? What about the SM?


I had seen the other thread, but I see an event organized by a family (like a bar mitzvah) not as a troop/patrol activity. I am the SM in the G troop and an ASM in the B troop in a linked troop system. The other SM and I see the activities I mentioned as counting. A couple ASMs think they shouldn’t. The two current SPLs see them as counting.

To me and the other SM it seems really clear, but when an ASM questioned it I came here to see if the other SM and I are alone in our opinion.

Try breaking the requirements down to see if that makes things clearer:

Second Class #1a.:

  • Since joining Scouts BSA
  • participate in
  • 5 separate troop/patrol activities
  • These activities do not include troop or patrol meetings
  • at least 3 of which must be held outdoors
  • Of the outdoor activities, at least 2 must include overnight camping.
  • On campouts, spend the night in a tent that you pitch or other structure that you help erect, such as a lean-to, snow cave, or tepee.

Most troop/patrol activities (campouts, service projects, etc.) are intended to fulfill one or more rank requirements. I see no reason why these particular rank requirements should be excluded.


That’s a good way to accentuate that it doesn’t say anything about rank requirements.

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@CharleyHamilton stated my bottom line (assuming your SPLs/PLs are mature and trained on how to responsibly read and sign-off requirements):

I’m an ASM and I take that “A” seriously. My job is to assist, not second-guess. If the SM thinks I’m being to strict or too loose, I stand by him/her. Now if the SPL and PL want my opinion and won’t take “What do you think?” For an answer, I’ll tell them what I think and why. But at the end of the day I come back with “You’re signing off. Do you think that’s fair?”

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Right. It also says that they only need to “participate in”, so they are not required to organize or lead the activities (although they can certainly do so).

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