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2nd Class Requirement 7C

The Truth About Drugs Training Pack for Boy Scouts of America

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I would say this meets all of the requirements even if it wasn’t a troop activity

  • it is a community course- granted it is an online community but the requirements do not eliminate an online experience as a community experience- from the website- by taking the courses the scout would Join a community of passionate people who are making a drug-free world!
  • it is interactive - there are lesson and section quizzes- therefore a scout can “participate”.
  • After taking the course- the scout could review with their family and report to the scoutmaster via phone, email, video conference, even snail mail.

And to be honest- the scout may learn more than showing up for a school wide assembly about the dangers of drugs.

As the advancement chair- I am recommending this course of action to my scoutmaster for my younger scouts who still need to complete this requirement.

It appears to be missing the alcohol and tobacco requirements. But otherwise it looks like it could work if the Scoutmaster approves.

The published COVID related GTA regime allows for some common sense solution implementation. This can be done using online content and ‘virtual’ interaction. Here is a suggested approach and content I’ve used from my DEA training:

If your Scout goes through any of the presentations within these URLs with their parents and makes a note about completion along with some comments about key issues they will remember (add in the Scoutbook section for the rank), then they responsibly and effectively earn credit for completing #7c.

Here is the DEA materials as follows>>
Thank you for your past participation in DEA360 community education train-the-trainer events.

  1. It is our hope that you and the people you care about are healthy amidst the current COVID situation.

  2. We recognize that, in the current environment, holding in-person presentations is not possible. Please consider delivering presentations via web meeting tools (such as Zoom or Webex). You may also share recorded presentations or individual slides via social media. The presentations can be accessed at www.drugfree.org/dea360

  3. We also ask you to let your community know about the resources that the Partnership offers. Community members – especially those who may not be able to attend in-person support meetings – can reach out to our Helpline at www.drugfree.org/helpline. We offer several channels for connection, including phone, text and Facebook Messenger.

If you shared DEA360 materials with others who did not attend a training, please forward this message to them.

Thank you again for all you do, and please take care of yourselves!

Kevin Collins
Partnership for Drug-Free Kids / Center on Addiction

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This link has an outline of the how to run the presentation. My troop is doing this tonight and we have put the course info up first using a Google classroom so parents/guardians may review it. We also sent out the info to the parents/guardians and invited them to participate with their Scouts.


All the material if available in PDF and MP4 for sharing via Zoom or other method.

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That might be case for some Scouts, but I asked the question because this Scout has not.

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Here is what I would do:
Ask one of your scouts to put together a presentation. This could be one or more scouts needing to complete the requirement. Have them run an interactive presentation to the entire troop.

Most any of the platforms that are being used have the ability to share a desktop. A slide show doesn’t consume a lot of bandwidth. Please don’t drive the largest bus load of “other practices that could be harmful to your health” that you can find. I am not suggesting you gloss over it, just don’t blow it out of what it needs to be.

As a note, I have found that my scouts like to have an open discussion about such things where they can voice their opinions openly.

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That would also count for Communication MB requirement 6 for the Scout doing the presentation:

I’d approve that for the Communication MB in a hot second.


Steve your right - I hadn’t thought about that. I was mostly thinking that this is part of what it means (to me) for scout leadership.

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Or Communication MB requirement 3, the 5 minute speech.


One of the most important aspects of youth development in Scouts BSA is teaching Scouts the tools to be great leaders, then giving them the opportunities to practice them.

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Available at Scout Shop

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