2nd Parent in Scoutbook

How do you add a 2nd Parent to a Cub or Scout in Scoutbook.

We are using SB to communicate with Pack Parents. For some Cubs, both parents want to be included in communications.

I’m sure there is a simple (+) additional parent hiding in plain sight but I cant seem to find it.

Thanks for any guidance.

To add an additional parent or guardians to a Scout, do the following:

  • Click on the Scout
  • Click on the Scout’s connections
  • Click on the parent if they are already in the unit or click +ADD
  • Search for the parent or if they do not have a my.scouting or Scoutbook presence yet, type in their information
  • Select Parent / Guardian Role
    Enter personal note to them
    Click Invite

For more information see our guide: Setting Up Parent Accounts

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