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3 Units, 3 Leaders Dupped, 1 month of an overworked council registrar

Hello - I sent a message to our registrar a month ago, but I believe she is overworked. I sent a f/u note 2 weeks ago and she said it takes time. Can the SUAC fix these?

  • Derek Fournier - 13329150 in Pack 4201, Council 635, just duplicate
  • Rob Clarksen (no number in Scoutbook) & Robert Clarksen (13001902) in Troop 1401, Council 635; In Member Manager he is Rob Clarksen as 13001902.
  • Michael Hagerty (126600676) shows up twice in Troop 1201, Council 635, Keep the one that has a BSA ID.

Help? Can the SUAC fix these types of issues?


I’ll send you a private message. Look for the green circle with a number on your photo in the upper right corner of the forum screen.

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