3 Webelos who earned transferred without issue, just want to celebrate!

The cubmaster made the transfer yesterday morning, I approved them for the troop yesterday afternoon. This morning, they were all in my.scouting’s roster and Scoutbook. I moved them to their patrol and boom! Just about 24 hours and all is where it needs to be!


I know how you feel. My troop had 6 Arrow of Light scouts cross over on 3/3. The Cubmaster sent the transfers over on 3/6, I approved them at my.scouting and by Monday afternoon, they were all on my troop roster.

It is a VERY nice feeling when things work as intended.


Agreed! Within 24 hours of our recharters processing we were able to transfer all of the Webelos into the two Troops!


I just checked our district. 104 successful online transfers. Only issues we have run into are units that have not had their charter renewal posted cannot send or receive transfers until both units are posted.

And some folks having trouble finding the unit in the system because you have to enter the unit number as a 4 digit number (eg Troop 5 would be Troop 0005 when you are searching in the transfer system).

No more issues of getting an error saying that the scout does not have a connected parent like we saw a lot of last year.


We had 7 Scouts and those Scouts were also transferred into the unit smooth as Silk. Wonderful!


Troops need to be identified by gender in the BSA® databases. For example, 0005B or 0005G.

Where councils have been merged, Troop 5 number part may be something other than 0005, for example 7005, in the database.