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30 day Webelos tasks

There are a couple of requirements in the Webelos adventures that require something be done every day for 30 days. I’m wondering how others have handled the times that a cub slips up and misses a day.
On the one hand I realize that Do Your Best is the general rule of thumb. On the other, these seem to be intended to work on building discipline.

My son has had to do similar things for karate advancement and that was all-or-nothing, but their requirements aren’t rank specific (just a long list and “choose one from menu A, one from menu B” set up) so there’s not as much pressure on completing it in a specific time frame. I feel like the Webelos requirements deserve a little more leniency, but I don’t want to shortchange the sense of pride felt by accomplishing something BIG like following through on a full 30-day challenge by making it too easy.

What would be an appropriate consequence of missing a day on the way to 30?

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Honestly, I treated it as a learning experience for the scout. He had to get in 30 days total, but if he missed a day (or two or…), we talked about what happened, why he wasn’t able to get it done that day, and what he had prioritized over getting that task done. We all have to set priorities, and learning to do that is part of what we’re teaching the scouts, in my opinion. Their priorities are not going to always match my priorities for them, but that’s the way things are. For some things, the priority assigned to things is important (“You didn’t start the coals for the dutch oven before you started cutting vegetables? Well, I guess dinner’s going to be late…”). If they’re anything like me, they learn more from mistakes (especially when they talk through what happened) than from outright success.

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Looking at Stonger, Faster, Higher #3, it says “ Make an exercise plan that includes at least three physical activities. Carry out your plan for 30 days, and write down your progress each week.”. It doesn’t actually say they have to do the activity every day. I think the plan could be to do the activity three times a week.

Also, if they miss a couple days, I’d just have them tack that many on at the end.


I am not familiar with all the badges, but if it says record for 30 days, then I would have the scout record for 30 days. I am now a Scoutmaster and Second Class and First Class have requirements to log exercise for four weeks each. It does not say four consecutive weeks. If a scout logs one week, misses the next and picks up again, said scout meets the requirement.


Looking at requirement #3, I don’t see a requirement to exercise every single day for 30 days. I think it could make for good discussion (Did the Scout plan rest days? What happens to your plan if you miss a day?).

Webelos Adventure: Stronger, Faster, Higher
Complete Requirements 1-3 and at least one other.

  1. Understand and explain why you should warm up before exercising and cool down afterward. Demonstrate the proper way to warm up and cool down.
  2. Do these activities and record your results: 20 yard dash, vertical jump, lifting a 5 pound weight, push-ups, curls, jumping rope.
  3. Make an exercise plan that includes at least three physical activities. Carry out your plan for 30 days, and write down your progress each week.
  4. Try a new sport that you have never tried before.
  5. With your den, prepare a fitness course or series of games that includes jumping, avoiding obstacles, weight lifting, and running. Time yourself going through the course, and try to improve your time over a two week period.
  6. With adult guidance, help younger Scouts by leading them in a fitness game or games.

I agree with the others–there is value in learning the challenges of “doing something every day” and developing that discipline. We shouldn’t expect a scout to have hard-drilled daily discipline on their first day of activity, we help them learn to do that.

“30 days” is not the same as “every day for 30 days”

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