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50 Miler Award

I was wondering if it would be proper to award a scout the 50 miler award for all the walking required at Summer camp, if they completed 50 hours of group work on projects to improve trails, springs, campsite, portage, etc.?

Robert - your best bet is to read the wording on the application. Based on how I read it, summer camp does not seem to align.

I would be disinclined to apply for the 50-miler based on generic walking about at camp, no matter how many miles it adds up to. I’ve walked many miles at camp just back and forth to the DFac, and despite it being up-and-down a steep hill, I wouldn’t count it. :wink:

On the other hand, if the scouts planned a series of intentional hikes (as described in Requirement #1 on the application) to be done at camp, I’d look at it somewhat differently. It’s not about it being at camp, to me, but rather about the planning and sophistication involved in an extended trip.

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