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501(c)(3) vs 501(c)(19) - Chartered org- Pros/Cons

What are the pros and cons for having your Chartered Org. be a 501©(3) vs a 501©(19) (VFW, American Legion)?

I can’t speak specifically about a 501c19 organization (I have been in units chartered by a 501c4 and 501c8). A 501c3 is usually exempt from paying local state sales taxes, this can save you some money when buying equipment. Also donations to a 501c3 are tax deductible (Federal). Of course you will want to check local regulations as these can vary. Your chartered org will hopefully have someone that can help you out. I my view, if your proposed chartered org is strong, and supportive of scouting, then that trumps the fairly minor financial benefits of a c3.

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