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72 hours no Canoes

So like many troops we are planning our own Summer Camp just for us. It is at a council Camp. it is basically 96 hours. I called to camp to see if we could use their canoes instead of bringing our own. Camping Director just called and said since the camp is over 72 hours we cannot use ANY equipment - ours or theirs. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

As you can imagine, I said there is not a thing like this in GSS. :microphone: drop

My only guess is they are considering this CAMPOUT a Camp School situation as it is over 72 hours. I have a call into a friend rewriting those documents now to get his insight. But have any of you heard of such a thing? It is over 72 hours so all have to have all parts of medical form, but never heard anything like this.

This is certainly new to me. Was the director clear about this being restricted because it was at the council camp, but paddle trips on public waters > 72 hours would be ok with your equipment and suitable supervision per G2SS?

LOL - no they were rather meek about it. They just said 72 hours no equipment, should have asked if we could use Dutch Ovens then.

Or tents…or stoves.

From the outside, it looks like confusion about what rules apply. I sure hope that’s what’s going on. If this is a rule change to accommodate some obscure law change, I’m going to need a lot more Motrin in my scouting gear…


I guess that means you can’t earn the 50 miler award in a canoe any more since that requires a minimum of 5 days :smiley:

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Are boots equipment? :rofl:

Seriously, though, it might be helpful for our collective sanity to get some clarity from your Camp Director, @DonovanMcNeil, particularly as to whether or not this is restricted to the council camp, and what the source of the restriction is (council rule, national rule change, etc).

No we were going to camp at our hut before Charter shut down over Covid - and Council said the same would have applied. I have sent an email to some national staff for clarity, and asking if something like this needs to be addressed in the Covid documents.


That will certainly put a dent in unit-level high adventure, if it’s correct.

Assuming that, y’know, we’re ever allowed to get together in person again. We here in sunny SD county are still in the “no gatherings” stage, AFAIK.

This doesn’t seemed to be in any way called out in the G2SS. I can’t understand what they are getting at.

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