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A bug, or how Scoutbook works?

I am a Scoutmaster and have used Scoutbook to run my Troop. I have a son who is a new Webelos Scout and his Pack does not use Scoutbook.

He just showed up in my account, so I was fiddling around with how Scoutbook works for him. I was able to enter all his Bobcat requirements and he shows up at 100% with green check marks. I do not expect him to get approved, since his den leader doesn’t use Scoutbook. I know that, eventually, his rank will show up when the pack processes the recent advances through IA.

Here’s where I have a question: I navigated to his Advancement, Webelos rank and clicked on Cast Iron Chef. This sent me back to my dashboard.

Is Scoutbook set up so that nothing can be entered for Webelos advancements until Bobcat is approved? or have I discovered a bug?

Thanks for any insight!


My guess is that he is not assigned to a den in Scoutbook. Scoutbook uses a Cub Scout’s den assignment (Lion, Tiger, Wolf, Bear, Webelos) to determine which set of requirements a Cub Scout should be working on.

What do you see when you go to his Scout’s Membership page under “Current Membership”?

That’s true. None of them are assigned to dens.

So, if the pack isn’t using Scoutbook, it’s not something we can use either. Thanks for clarifying for me!

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