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A couple of Q's

Hello everyone, first off I’m a relative new SM for a small troop of boys in NC, we’re going thru some challenging times but. believe not being the exemption. Our troop is relatively small and the boys are loosing interest on the online meetings, most of them between the ages of 11-13. We want them to make their own decisions and be able to have a boy led troop, but sometimes we have to push them a little, question 1, Does anyone have a recommendation for a good MB that can be presented online for younger scouts? I know there’s a lot of choices and it be better to have them choose their own, but that hasn’t worked. Still waiting on their answers, so I figure we can start 1 as a group.
Second question, we were trying to make the move from TM to SB, is there an easy way to import the advancement for each boy to SB or it’s something that needs to be done manually? I tried looking for older posts for an answer but couldn’t find it. Thank you for any input.
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Digital Technology lends itself to online teaching. You could also do something like Geneaology, where there’s lots of available online tools for research.

And don’t worry, it’s pretty common for young Scouts to need a little push. For many kids, this may be the first time they’ve been able to make decisions about what to do, instead of just being told what to do, so it’s a really different skill set and it might be a little overwhelming. Don’t feel bad about prompting them or asking them leading questions to get discussions and planning sessions going.


How about a nice game of chess?


Safety is a good MB for online, Collections is another. Public Speaking only has 5 requirements. As young as your Troop don’t feel bad by steering the boat as needed. If they don’t have older Scouts to learn to lead by example then the Adult Leaders should step in and be that example…I’m curious, how many of your Scouts were in Cubs?

Welcome aboard. There are some sharp people here. When I grow up I want to be just like them!


I’m not aware of the current rules in NC. In CA, the public health orders permit going out for exercise with other people from your residence. Are the scouts able to go out with their families to do outdoor activities? If so, what about getting them rolling on Hiking MB?
You can get digital USGS topos from the NGMDB site here:

They can work through the process of planning a hike once as a group online, using the NGMDB map and a PDF reader. Then, they can take that hike with their families, and discuss what they each saw on the “same” hike. Go through all of the “reporting” steps for requirement 6.

Practice or talk through the various first aid skills as a group so they can each demonstrate for a counselor over videoconferencing later. Talk about the hazards that might be faced on the hike. Discuss how those might be different with the family than with the troop, and how that might impact their hiking plan. Talk through what kind of conditioning is needed to undertake the longer hikes, and get them going on their conditioning plans for requirement 3.

Each scout can then plan their own 5-miler separately to get going on the merit badge.


Our troop is enjoying gaming together once a month at meeting time. They are completed their cyberchip. We use a private server so non troop members are in the game. Recently they played capture the bed in minecraft. They broke into groups; its like capture the flag. We are urging them to use patrols as groups. Its a great leadership opportunity and for some scouts, they teach how to play the game.

Model design and building might be fun. Scouts and show their progress at meetings.

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Tried that, kids these days seems more interested in video games than board games, even tho how we can play chess online. Thanks for the reply!

I’m not very tech savvy, where and how does your troop play online?

A strange game… The only winning move is not to play.


I’m old enough to know where that quote came from…“Joshua”


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I can help you with the transition to Scoutbook from troopmaster. We just went through the exact same thing.

Call me after 330 est 8045372702

Ben Ward.

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They have played minecraft and roblox. For minecraft, a boy in the troop has a server; for roblox, you can pay a couple dollars to play on a private server. The scouts google the game; download it to their computer. They then all log into the same server name. Then they play together. Leadership be warned - the games can run long.

Hello Joshua…

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Our OA Chapter has done a couple of Minecraft nights to replace the monthly face-to-face chapter meetings. According to my son, they were pretty well received.

Be dependent on nobody. Play via E-mail using plain text
Scouts email suggested “next move” to the PL, who copies and edits the old board and sends to an opposing patrol. The opposing patrol, checks that the board is legal, and makes their next move.

Create a subject line for each board. Multiple games could be played over the course of a weekend.

There are dozens of variations … some resulting in multiple boards “in play” at the same time. You can even start from a classic Boy’s Life article and play a board from the middle of a famous game. It’s the PLC’s call.

And that’s the most important part. As opposed to most online games, this format is boy-led not computer led.

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In my experience, kids are dying to do something besides video games. Try getting them outside in conjunction with the online instruction. Governor Cooper’s restrictions have lifted enough that you could meet at a Park, and do some safely-distanced hiking. This can lead toward the Hiking MB, the Backpacking MB, Orienteering, or maybe even Geocaching.

Cycling is another one that could be done as a mix of online and outdoors, without a lot of contact.

Knots and other First-Class skills can be taught online, too. In my experience, those topics can be more engaging online than merit badge classes, of any type.


Thank you all. Your suggestions are very helpful

As far as Scoutbook goes, the basic transition for recorded items should be very easy as Scoutbook is directly connected the the BSA advancement database. If you don’t see it in Scoutbook it either has not actualy been entered for advancement, or there is an incorrect account being used.

One important note; there have been a lot of account duplication issues recently, and if they are not handled properly they can be a real pain. First step is to record the BSA ID#s from any duplicate accounts and have them checked by the registrar to see which ones are active or not. If there are duplications at that level they need to be consolidated there first. Next will be contacting Scoutbook Support with the BSA ID#s and copies of the URLs from the profile pages of each account with instructions on which is the correct connected one and if the ID# needs to be updated.

As to Merit Badges, I lean to the Science side myself but talk with your SPL and get his input. NOVA Awards are also another fun item, and the Woosh! award is pretty straightforward to do as it is levers and motion related. I just got done running a Mad Science track for our Council’s MB day camp and can help as an MBC or with program info if you like. We did Chemistry, Nuclear Science, Energy, Electricity, Exploration and the Up and Away NOVA (fluid dynamics)

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