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A Scout's Merit Badges Portfolio Report

Since scouts are using Scoutbook more and more to document their progress and evidence of completion, (e.g.: attach photos, post comments, get sign offs), it would be greatly beneficial if there was a way to “print as PDF” a Merit Badge in document format (requirement, notes, photos, sign-offs, etc.) so that they could bring it to their Eagle board of review.

In this day and age with electronic copies now being the norm, (and scouts more tech savvy), this feature is more an excepted feature than before.

PS: I know that there is a merit badge report, but it doesn’t not do what was described above.

A scout does not need to prove or document anything that already has an official date at any BOR. A Scout cannot be retested. It is the Council’s/District’s/BOR’s responsibility to verify all dates are in the National system before a BOR is granted.

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Some districts/councils want scouts to provide their more documentation (blue cards) as proof of merit badges, but the Guide to Advancement is clear. The scout needs to provide the date, on the application. “Scouts must not be
required to attach blue cards with their application. If a discrepancy is discovered, the blue card may be
requested to confirm the completion date.” Since the date in Scoutbook is what’s feeding the national system, they (should) match.

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From the Scout’s page, click reports > Scouts BSA History Report. See if that covers what you need.

I agree with what others are saying above, but sometimes it’s easier to do what what they ask than fight it.

Printing a pdf report like this would be a nice way for the scout to keep his information for himself. But BSA doesn’t do IT hings just for fun.

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