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A tip to share: "Pie in the face"

I learned this one the hard way. If you ever do a “pie in the face” as an adult leader (Cub Scouts love hitting an adult in the face with a pie), I urge you to use shave cream instead of whipped cream.

Shave cream washes right off. Whipped cream will stick in your nose for three days.

…that is all.


Shaving cream doesn’t taste as good though…


Keep your mouth closed, silly!

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Our leaders actually asked for whipped cream instead of shaving cream due to it being edible :wink:


They’re gonna regret that choice!


We had our ‘pie in the face’ event back in February and there were no issues. Soap, water, and a good scrubbing all took it out. One even joked that it made his hair slicker.

@PaulMcDonald Perhaps you didn’t use the right kind of whipped cream or didn’t scrub hard enough. To each their own.

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I wish they made whipped cream in “beef gravy” flavor…

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I wonder if you could get the cream to whip if you blended in a brown gravy packet. Any food scientists out there who know whether or not it would disrupt the stability of the colloid?

I would suppose that since one can make cocoa cinnamon whipped cream, it would or could be possible with brown gravy mix. It does put a whole new spin as it were on the pie in the face thing.

Beef pot pie in the face? :wink:

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Ask a clown, it’s shaving cream!

This raises an interesting question for me. When I took BALOO this spring, one of the members of leadership made a recommendation to NOT do any “pie in the face” type activity. He said that it takes away the “authority” aspect of the leader. He suggested having fun with the kids but to not cross the line.

So, I see his point but I also see the fun in doing something like hitting your leader in the face with a pie to be incredibly fun. So, I don’t want to hijack the thread, but was curious what y’all thought.

I think pie in the face of den leaders, cubmaster, or others teaches scouts that all of us like to have fun, and none of us are “too good” to just be people. My grandson had a woman Den Leader and a man Assistant DL [me]. At our annual carnival, every year our scouts only targeted me, not the woman. But we were both targets at the same time. I never had an issue with authority and the scouts.


Also, make sure that the pie pans are not those crumpled-up tin foil pans… I had a scout actually “throw” it, not just shove it in my face, and the pie pan rotated mid-air. Hit me square in the forehead and gave me a good slice as it glanced off my forehead and onto the gym wall behind me. Two more scouts that still had sold enough popcorn to earn the right to have fun meant smearing whipped cream into the “paper-cut”. So two things really from that

  1. I had a cut on my face
  2. We had to clean the gym wall (not just the floor which we had covered with a tarp)
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From my Cub Scouting days I would say that plain cheap unseated shaving cream is by far the best. We always had a restaurant tray for bussing tables with water to rinse some of the foam off. And we had towels. We did have one case where a leader somehow didn’t understand that she was in the lineup and had just had her hair done.

@JenniferOlinger just make sure the beef pot pie is cool!! :crazy_face:


I can see where he’s coming from, but I disagree. Authority can come from many places. As Cubmaster, or just as an adult really, I hope any authority I have over the cubs doesn’t come from a place where getting pied in the face, or being silly, would diminish it.

I hope it’s derived more from a referent power, “leadership becomes increasingly about collaboration and influence, rather than command and control,” or soft power, “the ability to shape the preferences of others through appeal and attraction.”


I don’t think it undermined my authority. That being said I do think that there needs to be bounds in such activities and not a “free for all” atmosphere.

I don;t see it as an authority issue, but all in good fun. At many school fundraisers principals will do similar things: pie in the face, shave head, shave off beard when the school reaches their target goal.

For our pie in the face we had a painters tarp on the floor and hanging in the back. We did use cheap pie tins but filled them with spray whipped cream (at leaders request). Scouts then shot from a line and all at once. It worked great. Very little whipped cream went out of bounds. Leaders could wear a poncho if they wanted, goggles too.

At ours the top popcorn seller in each den pied their leader. The top seller of the pack got to pie the leader/cubmaster/or volunteer of their choice. Everyone knew in advance who was to be pied.

If it keeps a kid in Scouting, you can hit me in the face with a thousand pies a day.