Ability to Change an adults email address

Ability to Change an adults email address

The BSA will not entertain a request for an adult to change another adult’s e-mail address after one log in. This is for security reasons.

Any adult can change their own e-mail address in Scoutbook by logging in and going to My Dashboard → Administration → My Account → E-Mail.

If an individual can’t log in because they cannot remember their password and no longer have access to the e-mail address on file with Scoutbook or my.scouting.org, they need to send an e-mail to scoutbook.support@scoutuing.org along with their name, old e-mail address and new e-mail address and ask that the account be recovered.

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I can see for security reason why the primary email account cant be change but the key3 should be able to add email accounts to an adult account

Scoutbook only supports a single e-mail address per user. Unit Admins can invite adults to Scoutbook, thus adding an e-mail address, by going to the adult’s profile and clicking on the Invite button. Once an adult logs in, the e-mail address can only be changed by that adult or Member Care.