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Accepting electronic payments. Legality for a non profit? Any free ones?

We’re looking to go electronic to accept payments for outings, dues, or sales of patches, etc. There are so many options, but my limited googling turns up that PayPal friends and family is not for exchanging goods or services. Also Venmo, chedderup, cash app, etc are not for non-profits. Our bank uses Zelle, but they won’t allow it on our non-profit organization’s account.

It seems that PayPal Business is the most legit way to go but there’s a 3% fee on it. Do we just charge parents a little extra for that option?

@GregoryZimmerman - we use cheddar up and actually if I recall correctly so does the Transatlantic Council itself. Where did you see that Cheddar was not for non-profit organizations?

I actually didn’t see anti-non profit on cheddar up. I threw it in the list because I’ve used it before with groups in the past. I’ll research it a bit more.

@GregoryZimmerman - please do research on it and other options. I will however add that the troop ran into an issue with PayPal and wanting business verification paperwork that no troop, crew or pack would have. Fair warning especially if large payments come in on PayPal.

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We used PayPal and Venmo and I’m unaware of any issues although that just might be because I am unaware. For PayPal, we either charged an extra couple bucks or decided to eat the fee depending on the budget and how easily we could round payments. Scouts handled most of their patrol and other joint purchases on their own via Venmo or some other service. A lot of families no longer use paper checks so you have to have something. Plus, it generally makes it easier for volunteers.

We use square both online and with a reader. We have normally tacked on a dollar or 3 to cover the fee. In the future, I’d like us to move to just bundling the fee in for all like stores do so we drive more electronic transactions and reduce the complexity of 2 costs.

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