Access split between Member ID's and unable to log in

Something went sideways with my Scoutbook access. Last week I suddenly couldn’t log into scoutbook at all, I just got a spinning curser. For as long as I can remember my member id has been 12627188. In a last ditch troubleshooting effort I went into my.scouting and used Manage Member ID to change to the other member ID I was issued a long time ago as a tiger parent (134768174) I was able to then log into to scoutbook but now I seem to have limited access.

I still cannot access scoutbook under 12627188, the log in process won’t complete. Under 134768174 I seem to have full control of scouts but no control over adults. I was trying to update two adults to be the new CM and ACM.

I guess I need help putting all of my access to the 12627188 member id if possible.


Looks like a Recharter process got you in Feb. This is fixed for the 188 number

You’re awesome. Thank you.

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