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Access to Scouts BSA advancement

As a Crew Advisor I recently registered a new youth to my Crew. He like most of the other members are dual registered in the Crew and a Troop. For most of them I can access and approve BSA advancement items. For the new individual I can only mark the requirements as completed but not approve them. This will eventually cause me problems as the boy is doing his BSA advancement work in the Crew due to a minimally functioning Troop. (We just did a Star Board of Review) How can I get the approval access like I have on the other youth in the Crew?

In Scoutbook, when you go to the Scout’s Membership page, do you see a current membership in the crew and the troop? Are both current memberships approved (green shield with checkmark)?

Did he recently join your crew from another council? Are his Scouts BSA ranks recorded in Internet Advancement?

A green shield with check mark shows up under both the Crew and Troop member pages. I am not a leader in his troop, but his individual record still shows the check when I look at this troop information. Both are within the same Council and his previous ranks were recorded in Internet Advancement in 2016.

I mean the Scout’s Membership page. It should look similar to this:

Assuming that both memberships are approved, then try going to his Edit Profile page and double-check some things:

-zip code

Also check to see if the “Scouts BSA Advancement” toggle is turned on.

Where do I find the Scouts BSA Advancement toggle?

It should be on the Scout’s Edit Profile page, just below “Gender”.

Did you double-check the other fields (zip code, district, council)?

Looks like the toggle was the problem. I learned something new today! Thanks!