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Accessing records of former scout

We are an overseas troop and regularly have scouts transfer out to mainland troops/councils. Before the recharter, I was able to access their records and send them a pdf. With the recharter, the scouts get dropped from our roster. They are now asking for their scouting records, including incomplete MB and activity logs. Council is able to issue a report of completed achievements, but not incomplete MBs or their activity logs.
I thought all Scoutbook/Internet Advancement records traveled with the scout, so when they were registered with their new council, they would appear.
Is there anyway to access former scout’s records and create a pdf?

Should not be necessary to send a pdf. A scout should be able to add his new unit via scoutbook (https://scoutbook.scouting.org/mobile/dashboard/admin/membershipedit.asp?ScoutUserID=) and, once approved by the new unit, all of his records will be brought through to the new troop and council.


They should be using the new my.scouting.org transfer feature.

Detailed here You can now transfer and multiple between units using your My.Scouting account

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Thank you. That’s what I’ve been telling the scouts and parents. One parent told me the new troop doesn’t use Scoutbook, so they can’t access the information. I told them it should still travel with Internet Advancement and be accessible by the new troop’s Advancement Chair.

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Thank you. One family tried this back in November, but was told it only works if the transfer is within the same council. These are scouts transferring in from an overseas council.

The best bet is for the parent to add membership to their new unit in scoutbook. Then, everything will be available to them.

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If parents are connected to the Scout or the Scout can log in, they can get their history reports by going to the Scout’s reports menu. Unit admins can get history reports for any Scouts by knowing the Scout’s BSA Member ID and last name by licking on reports from My Dashboard.

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You also need to update a Scout’s Edit Profile page to update the Scout’s new address (especially city, state, and zip code), district, and council in order to reduce the chances of a duplicate Scoutbook account being created. The membership update tries to match full name, date of birth, and address (primarily zip code).

If the Edit Profile information is updated in Scoutbook prior to the youth application being processed by the new council, then the membership update should just write over the old BSA member number and not create a new Scoutbook account.


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