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Accessing ScoutBook information on a transferred Scout

I have a Scout who has moved and transitioned to a new unit. His information no longer appears on my dashboard information for my unit. However, he is asking me questions regarding merit badge completions and partials - questions that I can no longer answer due to his absence in our unit’s dashboard. How can I assist him in viewing this information? Thanks!

Does his new unit use Scoutbook?

His parents should be connected to his account in Scoutbook. If his parents could connect you (with View Advancement or higher) to his account in Scoutbook, that would be the easiest solution.

However, if you have the Scout’s BSA member ID #, you should also be able to access his Scouts BSA History Report from My Dashboard -> Reports. This report might help you answer some questions.

As long as you are still connected to the scout and have Admin rights in your unit, you can temporarily add him back into your unit to view the information. From My Account -> My Connections, select the scout and choose Edit Membership. Under Past Memberships, choose the one for your troop and delete the end date. Once you have what you need, put the end date back in to remove him again.

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