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Accidentally removed scout from troop, need help reinstating him

Hello, I accidentally remove a scout from our troop. I’ve tried to add him back using his scout id, last name, birthdate and zip code. But I’m unable to find him.

Go to My Account -> My Connections. If you were connected before and did not remove the connection, he should still be listed there. Click on the scout’s name, choose (Scout)'s Membership, and remove the end date from the troop membership. That will add him back into your troop.

For some reason I was not connected with him, I also lost connections with other scouts. I think the scoutmaster is connected to him.

@DanaGilbert - can you go to the unit roster then click on your name then your positions and if there is an admin position or unit position click on that then check the box and update. Also could you outline what you did to get to this state.

I was on scoutbook placing the scouts in their patrols and noticed that one scout was name was gray, when I clicked on his name. There was a pop up that stated I was not connected with him, instead of hitting the red box in the top corner I hit the remove button at the bottom of the pop up

Send an email to scoutbook.support@scouting.org. Include your bsa member number and the scout’s bsa member number.

@jacobfetzer - quick thought…does that remove the scout from the roster or only that adult connection? If only the connection perhaps other unit admins can see that scout. If so they can reconnect Dana. Just a crazy thought at 6:30am

@Stephen_Hornak I’m not sure. Since admins are supposed to be connected to all scouts, it’s hard to test. It’d be worth it for @DanaGilbert to check with another unit admin.

I’m actually wondering if that remove button still has any value. If they are an admin, they should be connected, but if not an admin, they shouldn’t have the ability to remove a scout.

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