Account fix

I had a parent try to add me as a MB counselor, but somehow created me a new SB account using my existing email address. It will not let me consolidate. Can one of the admins please kill the new account?

They added you as a family member of a Scout??

this is fixed. Clean up the family member thing yourself - I cannot

No… they created a whole new adult account. That is the only option when I am looking at adding a MB counselor to a Scout right now. I’ve tested 4 or 5 of my son’s MBs and you can’t search for an existing, only create

you could just change connection type from family member to MBC I think

Only admins can search for MBCs right now - there was a security hole that is being patched

Ok, but that other account that exists with my email address is causing SB to bark at me. Can you delete the other account, or do I have to go to my brand new Council registrar on Monday?

there is only one account now - log out and back in

thank you sir!

Appreciate it.

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