Accounts using same e-mail

I saw posts about the warning for e-mail being used by multiple accounts, but issues seemed to be marked as fixed for individual situations without there being additional instruction on what to do.

My son is a new scout and I am a new den leader (ID numbers below). The committee chair has tried to connect me as a den leader, but those appear to connect to my son’s account.


I hope to resolve this soon so that I can start using the Den Leader Resources.


SB User ID: 12566638
BSA Member ID: 14403215

SB User ID: 12628809
BSA Member ID: 14478873

@JMecham Email is fixed - have you filled out an Adult Application? I do not see a Leader Registration for you

Yes. Submitted to Council through our membership chair.

Using Same name? You cannot be added as DL in Scoutbook until it is processed

Assumed application was processed when ID numbers were issued.

No you got MID when you registered your Scout online It looks like

This J Mecham account is my son’s that the committee chair’s e-mail to connect me as a Den Leader is linked to. He said that he could not find me by name or ID number as Dee. My son’s account has his birthday listed as invalid.

the Click on Google login is you. They will not be able to find you as Den Leader until the application is processed - and when it is processed you will just show up as a Den Leader in Scoutbook - the question will be if it gives you another account that has to be merged

Now I can only get to my son’s account with my e-mail address whether using the Google log in or the link and password sent by the committee chair.

Screen Shot 2022-09-28 at 1.52.15 PM
Clicking the Sign in with Goggle is your sign on to your account

Okay. Now I am back on as Dee Mecham (in a different window). Started this post on J Mecham.

I have been trying to contact the council as the warning message had indicated, but came to the forum since I have been unable to connect with anyone for two days.

What should I do now?

Yeah your email (for some reason) is a sign in for your Scouts account - you just have to wait for council to process your application

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