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Achievements and Awards

Is there a list (with prices would be wonderful) of all achievements, awards, and pins that each Cub Scout den could get? I am trying to create a budget and I believe this would help tremendously in doing so.

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The best place to get prices for awards is at https://www.scoutshop.org/

I am not aware of any single source that lists all the possible awards and prices. For budgeting purposes, I would not include every possible award but only those that the pack plans to work on. You an always add a contingency amount for other awards.

For adventures, I recommend budgeting what your average Scout earns in a year then multiplying by the number of Scouts. By using the average, you cover those that earn more and those that earn less. Again, you can add a contingency amount.

For rank patches, budget enough for each Scout to earn rank.


This page does not have prices, but it does have awards all available awards:

I’ve noticed it doesn’t have preview adventures…



One place you can find all authorized awards, etc, in the Guide to Awards and Insignia.

See the Cub Scout section…you can find what you need, including item numbers. Then use the item numbers to look up prices on the Scout Stuff website.

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Most awards available to Cub Scouts are listed here:



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