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We have a large Troop and one reoccurring challenge is tracking which Scouts are getting setup to log into Scoutbook (and have done so). We have tried to figure out how to report on which Scouts have received their SB invite from their parent and have actually activated their access. The best way we have come up with is to compare the Troop Roster with the Message pick list. Is there a better way to report on this?


Michael Myers
Troop 542 - Maple Glen, PA

Not currently, @MichaelMyers1. Your not the first to ask for this, though. I don’t know if it’s officially on the list of requested features, but I believe someone posted in another thread that it is. That said, being “on the list” on the same as a guarantee that it will eventually be addressed. That’s strictly down to what the BSA decides to prioritize.

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Checking on the message pick list is the only method. I wish there was an icon like the “chain link” to show they are activated. But alas, no interface.

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