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Activity log entries pt 2

I do not have access to “Record Progress” from my IA account. As a Scoutmaster, I should have this access, please advise.

I assume you’re selecting the scout’s name in the Troop Roster tab in IA (scoutbook.scouting.org) first? Otherwise, Record Progress isn’t selectable.

If you are selecting a scout before trying to Record Progress, then I would start by verifying that your position is correctly reflected at my.scouting.org in your Profile. If not, it’s a most likely registration error that needs to be corrected with your registrar.

If it is showing up correctly in your positions at my.scouting, then click on the BSA fleur de lis icon in the upper right side of the IA2 interface. Make sure that your SM position is selected, as opposed to a parent role.


Any other suggestions?

Screenshot 2020-07-14 13.24.48

I assume you have a scout selected?

Got it! Thanks for your help!!

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