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Activity Log Import Option

Does the “new” IA Activity Log system support a txt or csv file upload? A number of units are now asking if they just create a spread sheet to upload hiking, camping, & service logs and input it rather than use the cumbersome manual entry system on IA. If there is such a capability, where might one find the template format for them to use in creating their own import file? Thanks, Bob

Currently there is no log import

Robert, what do you find cumbersome about the process? More specifics might lead to improvements.

Hi Jennifer,
The most common complaint I’m getting from units (other than old Scoutbook was much more user friendly) deals with the date selection when creating an event. If the date is not entered in a particular way (a very non-standard way), the date reverts to the current date as soon as you hit enter. Over half the time I’m finding that I have to use the “calendar view” date selection mode and that is slow and cumbersome when entering older (prior year) events. On the service logs, the drop down choices don’t seem to really match the description for that drop down, i.e. under Collaborative Organization, there are actually activities which should be in the drop down (category) above. As Scoutbook Champion assisting units in the Circle Ten Council (east half of DFW metroplex) and am getting hammered on a daily basis with the “old Scoutbook was much easier to use” comments but I think the date and choices are the two biggies.
I’m buried up, but will try to go through the system and send you more detailed feedback! Thanks for all the help you, Ed, Bill, Donovan, etc. provide . . also as volunteers!

@RobertAcker Thanks!