Activity Log Load Time

After the Activity Log history was updated from tiles to line view it takes a long time to load. Every time you open activiy logs there is a 30 second load in addition if you want to check your historic logs there is a 30 second load every time you change the year.

@IanTaylor this is not limited to Activity Log history. It’s rampant among IA. The performance is absolutely horrendous. However, it looks like the issue is with the performance of their Events api:

It doesn’t look like they do any sort of filtering and retrieve, from what I can tell, all records for the entire year and then use those to fill in all of the calendar months of what happened in that year:

It’s odd that they make this API call multiple times in the same execution. Also, there is no sort of caching involved. Meaning, if you navigate away from the page and come back, you have to make the same retrieve again.

Additionally, if you have a very active unit with lots of activities, I suspect that this is only going to perform worse and worse.

A solution to this would be to make an API call that filters on the current month and displays those results. Then make an async XHR request to retrieve top 1 for each month. If it contains a record, then highlight the month as containing events like JAN in my screenshot. Then, when a user clicks on JAN it makes a request only for JAN records. Prefilling an entire calendar each time you navigate to Activity Logs is expensive and poor design.

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This has been reported to the developers.

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