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Activity log not working for a scout

Getting the message “Scout has created another primary ID which is active in another unit. Scout will remain active on this roster until their council registrar completes their transfer process or their annual registration for this unit expires.” This scout only has 1 ID number and is properly registered in the unit but is being blocked from entering anything in the activity log. Advancement in SB is working fine, just not when it pulls through to IA2.0 for the activity log. Advice? Already sent in help ticket but have been waiting a long time with no resolution so I thought I would try posting here.

What is the help desk ticket number?

108077 I think but there may be another one too?

Is it HD-108077 or SSD-108077?

The original number was 107654 from August 13th.

SSD-107654 sorry for missing the letters

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