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Activity Logging - IA2 question

Putting aside the concerns with BSA forcing this change just as virtual scouting opened the doors for many of our scouting families to start using SB… I have a functional question:

For our girls’ troop, one of our ASMs added one of their campouts, but also the SM added the same campout. We removed the attendees from one of the instances of this but we have been unable to figure out how to delete the duplicate event itself. We are left with an empty campout in there. Mocking us every time we go to this function. How do we delete the duplicate event?


we cannot do that yet - a fix is coming we hope

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OK, thanks for the quick response, Donovan.

Add us to the seemingly large number of people who are really disappointed in this change. It seems that it was rushed as evidenced by this.

I’m sure we are not the only troop who have been struggling for years to get our families to utilize Scoutbook, or who created materials to assist them that now need to be changed. The UX is kludgy and incomplete and our users are now forced to work in two disparate UXs in order to self-manage their activities.

As always we will work to understand and work with these tools, but you took something that worked and was easy and pushed it aside for something that doesn’t work and is confusing.

I’d like to clarify that the SUAC is not the folks making the changes. That’s being done by BSA-IT, presumably at the direction of BSA professional staff setting priorities and overall strategy. SUAC is just a group of volunteers like the rest of us.

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Sorry, my use of the word “you” was meant to be on a global level and not an effort to call out the SUAC. Sincere apologies.

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And the old log system was Very lacking compared to the new (idea of) one. Every log was only for each individual scout, so there was no way to edit in mass once entered. Is a little rough, but we will get there with good user feedback - thanks @RonaldVogel


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