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I saw the activity log announcement. I understand that there are bugs and fixes. However it does not mention that you can’t even get into it right now. Is that the case for everyone or just my Troop. When I click on it it takes me to my.scouting and then states I am not a key 3 (I am). Just wondering if that is part of the fix since the announcement didn’t mention that you can’t access at all right now. It says it is not allowing some parents, but it isn’t allowing me the parent, or me the admin for the troop.

Thanks for your help.

When you log in to my.scouting.org directly, what position does it show you in for your unit?

When you go to my.scouting.org (my.Scouting Tools), are you able to access the Organization Security Manager there?

Committee Member, but I couldn’t access Scoutbook and be ADMIN until they made me a Key 3. So they must have made me a Key 3.

Under my tools I just get the YPT reports and Trained LEader Reports, no Organization Security Manager.

If you are a Key 3 delegate, you should be able to see the OSM, as @JenniferOlinger suggested. If not, you may need to have one of your unit’s Key 3 (unit leader, committee chair, chartered org rep) designate you as a Key 3 Delegate and/or Unit Advancement Chair in the OSM again. I’ve fallen off the list periodically for reasons unclear to me and our unit’s Key 3.

So nobody can update Activity Logs unless they are a Key 3?

I also can not update my own children’s Activity Logs with out being a Key 3?

Key 3 is a BSA term that means:

  • Unit Leader (Scoutmaster, Cubmaster, etc.)
  • Committee Chair
  • Chartered Org. Rep.

A unit’s Key 3 can designate up to three Key 3 Delegates (K3Ds) or a Unit Advancement Chair (UAC) by using the Organization Security Manager at my.scouting.org (my.Scouting Tools)

Key 3, K3Ds, UAC can all update the activity logs. They are working to expand access to the activity logs to other leaders in the unit.

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There’s additional information at the links in the yellow information box at scoutbook.com:

Those links are:



Planned improvements

Wow so it is all up to the Unit Advancement Chair to update all activity logs. How is that possible? I only have 40 scouts and I would never be able to keep up unless that was my full time job.

The BSA is working to expand access to other leaders in the unit. Scouts / parents can also update their own using the Scouting mobile app.

As a parent I can not, I tried. Unless you mean that useless app that is through the app store? Not a single parent in our troop uses it because it is not useful. I deleted and only use the web version of scoutbook. So that is the only way to update my children?

What was the logic behind limiting updating hours and camping to Unit Advancement Chair only?

It’s not limited to the Advancement Chair. Right now, up to 7 different people can be designated to update the logs using IA, and the BSA is working to expand access to other leaders in the unit.

It is when you are a fairly small Troop. The others have never touched Scoutbook as they are busy with their other duties. It is usually the Scoutmaster and Asst Scoutmasters that are helping with Scoutbook.

The Scoutmaster can access Internet Advancement now, because SM is one of a troop’s Key 3. If the Key 3 want, they can designate up to three ASMs to be Key 3 Delegates. K3D’s can also update the activity logs in IA. Or they can wait a few days for the BSA to expand access to ASM’s.

@AlyssaSchaefbauer - I sense a bit of confusion and difference between what information that was provided and your response back. Perhaps the key 3 has gone astray for you.
Every unit, district council and National have a key 3. The best way to tink of it is the three folks in charge.
Unit Leader
Committee chair
Charter organization rep
They then appoint delegates to assist and they can add in the Advancement chair.
That gives you the number of folks at 7.
You then have parents and scouts. The scouts can add their logs at with scoutbook or the scouting app.

In understand what the Key 3 are. I have been designated a Key 3 before. I guess what my issue is that the Unit Leader, Committee Chair and Charter Org Rep at least for our troop are fairly hands off with Scoutbook as they have other jobs they are doing with in the Troop. There is a reason we delegate because this is not our full time job. I have been Unit Advancement Chair for at least 5 years. Most of the updating falls to me and recently I have been getting some help from the Asst. Scoutmasters and Scoutmaster. I know fixes are coming, however we try to update as we do things or things get forgotten and lost. So it is frustrating to have to wait and not be able to do anything. But I M hopeful this will eventually work out.

As for the parents being able to add. I can not make changes/additions to any of my four children in scoutbook. I will see if any of the parents that have the App can. I don’t have the App because it took up room on my phone and didn’t provide function. I find the web based version of scoutbook much more functional and I am not going to get the app just for camping/hiking/service hours.

Another Question though. Once I do have access will I always have to move to the my.scouting site to see hiking, camping and service hours? That doesn’t seem too convenient when you are trying to see if boys are qualifying for ranks/merit badges etc. Will the OA report still work?

I am sorry if I seem brusque just trying to navigate the changes especially since I was able to make the additions and changes and now I am suddenly “not allowed”. Hopefully once done it will be smooth.

So are my children/scouts supposed to be listed somewhere in my my.scouting webpage?

The logs have permanently moved to IA2 (scoutbook.scouting.org) from Scoutbook (scoutbook.com). There are a lot of threads out there about the various opinions on and reasons why the change was made. I’m not a particular proponent myself, but the ship has already turned, so there’s no sense kicking my feet over the railing to try to push it back. :^)

Currently, the OA eligibility report will respond based off of only whatever was last entered into Scoutbook. However, it is supposed to be updated to reflect what is on the IA2 logs in the future. I understand from comments in another thread that SUAC has emphasized to BSA development that this is a high-priority item.

The access is via IA2 (scoutbook.scouting.org). It’s just that IA2 currently restricts access to Key 3, K3D, and the Unit Advancement Chair, as designated in the Organizational Security Manager at my.scouting. I don’t think you would see your children at my.scouting. They should, however, be visible in the youth list at scoutbook.scouting.org