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Cabin camping does not count as a campout for Second Class / First Class rank 1a. or Camping merit badge requirement 9, but it could count for other things, such as the National Outdoor Awards.

In the campout name, you could add something that indicates that it is cabin camping. Something like:

Camp Grenada [cabin camping - 2 nights]

In the Campout Details, you can add notes. You can choose to include the nights of camping or use 0 for the number of nights, depending on how the Scoutmaster wants nights of camping to be counted.

I am the Advancement Chair for our Troop and loaded some service hours today. They all say pending approval. If I am the Advancement Chair and have all key 3 privileges, shouldn’t I get some sort of option to approve these? If not, who does?

Chris Pope

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@ChristopherPope - if you click on pending in scoutbook.scouting.org do they list out there ?

They do, but there is no where to approve them.

@ChristopherPope - i have to ask though if you are doing this on a mobile platform? If not, if you check the item is there an approve like there is for advancement items?

In scoutbook, under pending approval (where our usual advancement and merit badge information needing my approval lives) there is nothing there for approval of service hours. Under the new Internet advancement it shows the activity and scouts that participated under the “pending” section. If you click on an individual scout, then go to service hours, it details the activity and says pending approval. I just can’t figure out how to approve it since there is no option. I’m stumped!

On my iMac. I checked the box next to the scout’s name and went back in under his profile to see if it would give me an option under service hours, but nothing.

@ChristopherPope - here is what I get in scoutboook.scouting.org:

The only option I get is run report. Approve Item doesn’t show up for me.

Even when checking the check box.

@ChristopherPope - I wonder if just being advancement chair may be the issue. The UAC is not a key 3 but could be made a key 3 delegate by the unit key 3. My role in the the troop is Committee Chair so I am a key 3. You may want to check with the key 3 to be certain that they see the approve option. I would also ask if you are noted as a unit admin in scoutbook.com as well.

I am. When we transitioned to SB, I was the only one who had used it in the past. The troop had given me key 3 approval. I’ve never had an issue until now. That is what has me confused.

@ChristopherPope - When you say key 3 approval what specifically do you mean. There are only 3 people who are the key three in a unit.

Unit Leader
Committee Chair
Charter Org Rep

Yes. I am not the COR, Committee Chair or Scoutmaster. I am ASM, Advancement Chair and basically handle everything scoutbook. I am listed as Troop admin in scoutbook and have keys next to my profile.

@ChristopherPope - The keys in scoutbook do not relate to the functional roles in my.scouting.org which is where scoutbook.scouting.org pulls its rights from. Can you however approve advancements in scoutbook.scouting.org ? My best suggestion is that you ask a key 3 to verify that your functional role of Unit Advancement Chair is set in my.scouting.org Organizational Security and that they also add you as a key 3 delegate.

I am able to approve rank advancements and merit badge completions in scoutbook, create purchase orders, assign privileges, edit profiles etc. That is why I am wondering why now I am having issues. I will shoot our Committee chair an email and ask him to investigate.

I appreciate your help. Seeing your screenshot really helped!

@ChristopherPope - I understand that you can approve them in scoutbook.com but can you approve advancement in scoutbook.scouting.org (IA2)

I haven’t tried to approve anything yet since we just had our COH and haven’t had anything new to approve. It will be interesting to try.

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