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Well, on the plus at least now I can access the activity log (a bug prevented me from doing this before). My situation is that up being nominated for OA and asked to provide my camping log, but I am unable to see any way for me to do this.

Has anyone else been able to pull their own camping log?

@PaulHoeffer I don’t know if this is what you are looking for or not, but there is still a way for unit Admins to Export / Backup the old Scoutbook camping / hiking / service logs.

Can you go to scoutbook.scouting.org, click on Reports in the left column, then Reports about the purchase history, then Activity Logs report, then select the relevant date range, and tick the box marked “Include Adults”. That brings up (most of) my camping logs. Some stuff still appears to be missing.

ETA: I should clarify that the method I outlined includes everyone on the report, but at least you have your data. If you take a snapshot or have a PDF editor, you should be able to crop the data to just show your logs.

Charley - I tried to follow your steps, but if I’m in the Reports page, on the Reports tab, there are no buttons, etc. that would allow me to create a report.

I can go to the entire troop roster, find myself, select myself, and run a report. If I choose “More” on the drop down menu it takes me to the regular report tab like above and then there are no means for me to create a report.

If I choose Activities Summary Report, I pick some dates and then it opens a new window that says I have to log in to my account. So I do than and then hit a spinner gif that just sits there for quite some time and never shows me a report.

Is there a reason it is so hard? For a scout I can just go to their profile and look at their log (their names are underlined and clickable). Why can’t I do that for myself, or another adult leader?

What would someone who is not an adult leader and can’t run reports do then to view their camping log?

Jennifer - can you elaborate on how to get the old reports? This is all very frustrating - data that used to take me seconds to get for myself or a scout I either now cannot access, or have to spend a lot of time manually creating.

I agree that the interface is…less than intuitive? I’ve made no secret that I’m not a big fan of the change.

What I see looks like this:

That gives me the camping logs for everybody (again, apparently incomplete).

ETA: Do you show up as one of the unit Key 3 (SM, CC, COR) or a Key 3 Delegate at my.scouting.org?

It isn’t a report – it is an Export / Backup of the old logs for the entire unit, but a unit Admin can use filters to get the data for different people.

They removed the link (we have asked them to put the link back), but a unit Admin should still be able to Export / Backup the old camping / hiking / service logs for the entire unit:


Where the XXXXXX is the unit’s Scoutbook UnitID number. (Please note that this is not your unit number – it is specific to Scoutbook. You can see the UnitID in the url when you go to your main unit page.)

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Here is what I see on reports

And here is my profile on scouting.org

I thought ASMs were allowed to see activity logs & run reports? I’m a Troop Admin in Scoutbook for both T457 & T678, but it seems that means nothing on scouting.org?

In any event, what is the logic to prevent adults from seeing their own activity logs like youth can?

Jennifer - thanks for this - I’ll give it a go.

Where do we go to enter new service activity? I can only see an illustration of individual scouts’ logs but as the troop admin I am unable to enter service hours for multiple boys at a time who all participated in a project. Where did this feature go?? HELP!

I am the same - and cannot enter group service hours anymore. How to fix this??

They’ve been moved to IA2. There’s a yellow box at the top of Scoutbook when you log in (assuming you didn’t dismiss it). There are a couple of links there that explain in more detail what’s been done with the logs.

If you don’t see the yellow notice box, try hitting Ctrl-R to refresh.

So guess we will need to generate our own report for O.A. eligibility and election purposes? Thanks

You’re correct that the Unit Admin role at scoutbook.com has no impact (at the moment) on access at IA2 (scoutbook.scouting.org). I’ve heard noises on the discussion groups that there’s a request in to expand access.

If you’re asking “why” the BSA did what they did, or the rationale for the current access restrictions, you’re asking the wrong person. I still think it was badly handled, and should have retained the existing interface at least until a more thought-through approach to access and UI/UX was executed. That said, it was the BSA’s decision to make, right or wrong.

That’s what we’re doing, yes. I’m starting to lean toward keeping separate records myself until this entire mess is sorted out.

We lucked out. We had our election this year back in February, before the Log Debacle… Now, we have until next spring to have the logs straightened out…

With that said, it was pretty clear that only a couple of our Scouts were actually bothering to keep up with their logs in the first place (either in Scoutbook or in their handbooks). A couple of us adults spent several evenings checking the old attendance lists and permission slips trying to figure out which Scouts went to which events…

How do you edit group service hours after it creating it? Specifically, how do I delete a Scout after wrong entry? The system lets you add a new Scout or an adult; it also lets you edit the verbiage and number of hours. I can’t figure out how to delete any name; selecting zero hour is not allowed.

@ArielAbuel In Internet Advancement, click on Roster. Click the History tab, then click on the pencil icon to edit. click on the 3 vertical dots, then Remove from activity.

Thanks! That works, but in a kinda awkward way as I had to filter the history Activities to “Service” and change the inverted-lined triangle “Updated date” to “Last 365 days” (or “All”).
A tips to help narrow the history search, is to enter the name or a key word in the search/“magnifying glass” area.

As of May 25th, our Advancement Chair and Committee Chair, who are both designated as Administrators, were unable to approve activity log submissions. Additionally, new camping nights added to the activity log are not being reflected in the OA Eligibility Report in Troop Reports on ScoutBook. Scoutmasters, be advised that the OA Eligibility Report is not accurate and camping nights need to be manually calculated until the new activity log programming is updated.

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I believe the update has happened? I finally seem to have access to what i need but still have a question. We have two boys that are doing Eagle Scout Projects. There is a button for helping someone elses but not for the Eagle Scout themselves. I put them in anyway just so we remember but how do the boys leading the projects give themselves credit? It seems silly that this would need to be entered by Council or some other entity but if it is supposed to be, do they know this? How do we make sure these boys are getting the proper credit?

Also, is there a way to track indoor camping? I know it really doesn’t count towards anything but it is good to know for us Northern States when we do some cabin camping in the very cold winter months. It is still nice to track that scouts participated.