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Activity logs in Internet Advancement

I am going to be as nice as possible, so I dont get banned, but whoever designed the activity logs in internet advancement is a freaking idiot. Scoutbook worked just fine, there was no need to “fix” it, it wasnt broken. Now, I have to go around the world to enter an activity, be it service hours, camping, hiking or whatever. Now I have to have a key 3 delegate position in order to make changes, where before, it was just a matter of having access in Scoutbook… In Scoutbook, if a mistake was made, you simply delete the error, and it goes away. It was so easy to correct errors in Scoutbook. IA does not give us that option. Please please please just go batch to the old system. If you want to use IA because it is “BSA”, fine, I get it, but rather than reinvent the wheel, how about you just incorporate the old with the new. Better yet, ask those of us who actually use the systems what we think. This stinks!


See the below post for some background that helps explain what is going on. In short, they do need to rebuild scoutbook based on modern technology to be able to add features that are desired.

@GarrettGreen - why would IT even implement something when the respected roles don’t even have access to record the information yet…? I’m a den leader and can’t record my den’s community service hours…

I understand the need to update the system in order to add more features, but the new internet advancement interface along with the unit forums is really confusing and honestly annoying. Mainly because both show too much of unwanted information and is confusing because it’s not clear whether the information being shown pertains to your unit (mainly in the unit forum).

But, back to activity logs; any idea when the roles listed in the change log post will be granted access to record information for other scouts…? Trying to explain to a parent how to do it themselves is difficult and most don’t even want to bother with it because ultimately they feel it’s the den leader’s responsibility to track and record that information, and I can’t disagree with them.


Hopefully not long to wait.

There’s no plan to go back to the old system. There are major technical limitations to Scoutbook’s underlying architecture that need replaced in order to support many of the very things people are asking for routinely.

In other words, while the interface might have (or might not have, if you’ve spent any amount of time here…) worked just fine, the back end direly needed fixing.

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