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Activity Logs: Not allowed to hit the Submit Button at Bottom

I enter all the information in Activity Log for a Scout’s Hike or Camping…but it does not allow me option to hit the submit button…is there something I am missing?

look up the form - are any fields outlined in red?

No Sir, have tried at least 25 times since last month to try and record, nothing is in red.

decimals were causing problems before - not sure if that is fixed yet

Awesome! Will try without and see.

Still not giving the option…

Scoutbook Hike|666x500

i can set up a screenshare and take a look @JacobFontenot


Are you a Council admin in my.scouting.org or council staff member?

That be great if you are available

Think have a Council Staff Member

Does your left menu have Units at the top like this?

Think so. Think my screen looks like that.


Try selecting BSA Employee in the upper right corner then navigating to your unit from the screen that appears. I suspect it will give you a search screen.

Still nothing. “Complete Activity” Button is still a ghost and doesn’t let me click on it.

What would I need to do to set up the Screen Share sir?

Watch your top right Avatar and I will send you a direct message

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