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Activity Logs - OTHER please

The drive behind all of this is to make the expeirience easier and better and of course acquire more and better data.
We have been using troop master and are converting over to scoutbook with the hope that rechartering, internet advancement and all are much easier.
Entering the data is taking some time. I have done everything but now I am onto entering activities.
3 things.
1 - entering the date should allow to actually just type it in. scrolling through the calendar is ughhh.
2 - once the event is created then adding people is clunky with one at a time vs. selecting all appropriate attendees then saving. takes longer but it does work.
3 - Granted for advancements we only need track the camping, hiking and service hours but to encourage that data tracking allow an "other that is not necessarily tracked but is recorded. Say fundraising, activities that were fun but not necessarily for advancement. If we need to track elsewhere for this it reduces likelihood that the camping/hiking and service makes it to scoutbook.

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