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Activity Logs to IA

The intent, as I understand it, is to eventually replace Scoutbook entirely with the new IA2 interface. I don’t personally like the idea, especially given how clunky I find the IA2 interface, but that appears to be the BSA’s plan going forward.

Based on my poking around, in order for an event to show up in the report logs, a leader will need to approve it, as the system is currently structured.

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Thanjs Charley. It will just be easier to not log the hours

@JohnColligan - if a parent or scout enters the log data then it needs to be approved. If the unit enters it then it is auto approved. Why take the route of punishing the scouts and the unit because of the change. That seems wrong and completely unfair to me. How will you break this news to your unit ?

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How does tgis hurt thr unit or tge scouts. I doubt most do nor even consider service hours. We only enter to help council. Our leaders and committee are the ones who do not want to be bothered with it. We have much bigger issues then BSA IT inability to consider imoacts on the units.

It hurts the units because you need to document your service hours for JTE.
It hurts the Scouts because they need to document service hours for advancement.

If you decide not to do it, then your Scouts won’t advance. That seems like a pretty big problem,and a huge disservice to the youth of your unit.

There is no requirement for service hours to be logged for any Cub Scout rank. So your answer puzzles me, As for J 2E We have hit Gold 6 years in a rrow. We do not need to score any points with Service Hour KPI as we are consistently at the top of all of the other KPIs

I’m not sure this is the right place, but I have an IA2 activities issue and can’t find any previous posts and don’t know how to start one,. My issue is that I have a whole lot of scoutbook activities that are moved over to IA2. I am unable to edit them and all of the start dates of the activities are the date that I entered them into the system…IE, I entered about 10 activites for several months past, and they all now have a start date of Feb 2, 2020. So I can’t really look at the calendar because all my years for activity entries are grouped into less than 10 days on the calendar. HELP

When I try to record a service hour log for my children, the first page I get to says ‘Error - not found’. When I create a service project, everything can be filled in, but there is a blank under ‘Registered Youth’ that doesn’t fill itself in. I cannot save the item because it creates an error under that says the memberID is missing. So, somehow the youth is not being put into the field. My daughter tried doing this to record her hours and received the same error. I get this with both children, who are in separate troops. I am able to record my hours, which would be helpful, except I’m no longer eligible for any Scout ranks.

I keep getting “Error validating” message when trying to create a Hiking Log. This is my first time in the new format (rather than Scoutbook). Is this just a bug, still being worked out?

@SandraOwens What are your position(s) / role(s) in the unit?

Committee Chair & Advancement Chair & Parent (the first for Troop, the latter 2 for both Troop and Pack)

@SandraOwens When you log in at my.scouting.org (my.Scouting Tools), click on:

Menu button (upper left corner) -> My Profile

What do you see under Active Positions?

Merit Badge Counselor
Troop 3182 Committee Chairman (this is the unit I am currently trying to log an entry for, for my son)
Pack 3077 Den Leader

?? any thoughts on how I can get this done?

Ask one of the pack’s Key 3 (Cubmaster, Committee Chair, or Chartered Org. Rep.) to use the Organization Security Manager and add you as Unit Advancement Chair or Key 3 Delegate.

Wait about 24 hours, and see if that fixes the problem for you. If it does not, then please send an e-mail to Scoutbook Support at:


Explain that you are having difficulty accessing the new activity logs at IA 2.0. Please include your name, BSA member number, and your positions / roles in each unit (including parent).

@JenniferOlinger - Sandra did state that she is the CC of the troop in question.

Yes, but I’m wondering if there might be a conflict somewhere. It would be helpful to see if adding the pack UAC functional role might fix things (or not).

Does it matter which position is listed as “primary” at my.scouting? It doesn’t seem like it should.

I am delegated in the Pack as well, as the Advancement Chair. I have had access to the Scouts there with no issue (some of the den leaders aren’t comfortable entering awards, so they have me do their work, lol).
More Specifically, these are my Pack Positions, copy/pasted: Den Admin Webelos Den 10, Pack Admin, Den Leader, Webelos Den Leader Webelos Den 10, Unit Advancement Chair

If the pack has made you UAC using the Organization Security Manager at my.Scouting (separate from Scoutbook), then I would go ahead and send the e-mail to Scoutbook Support.

Please be aware that the functional roles of Key 3 Delegate, Unit Advancement Chair, etc. expire at the end of each year and have to be redesignated after the unit’s recharter has been processed.