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Activity logs will not open for me

I cant log into activities for service and camping. I have tried 20 times. What’s wrong with this?

At present, there are only a limited number of adult leader roles that can log events under the new system at IA2 (scoutbook.scouting.org).

Scouts and parents (but not unit leaders) can add events using the Scouting app.

What is your role in the unit?

Scoutmaster and Council president.
Its useful to be able to check camping nights,m and service logs before signing off advancements. I also like to have the knowledge to explain to others how to use it.

It magically started working last night after a week of me trying and nothing.

there is a bug if you have a unit position then a council one that messes up log in it is being worked on

Charley, do I understand your statement correctly? “Scouts and parents (but not unit leaders) can add events using the Scouting app.” Are you stating that Scoutmasters cannot add service, hiking, or camping events using the Scouting app? Parents and Scouts (youth?) are permitted to add events but not Scoutmasters? I hope this is a typo on your response. Cheers

That’s my understanding, @MichaelMcGirr. The app is purportedly aimed at youth and parents. The web interface is aimed at leaders. If you are both a leader and a parent, I believe you can log things for your scout using the app. I almost exclusively use the web interface myself, so I’m not as certain about the most current app functionality.

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Thank you for your unexpected quick response Charley. If parents and youth Scouts are authorized to add events, that means I’ll have to keep separate records to ensure the ‘recorded activities’ are accurate.

I ask again, why did BSA really change the procedures in Scoutbook when a leader is adding new camping, hiking, or service events/hours. Scout leaders appear to have lost control when a youth Scout or parent can create a new event and the unit leader cannot correct online.

My predecessor SM didn’t use a digital record keeping system but used pencil and paper. He disputed several youth and parent’s allegations the youth Scout claimed he participated in. Looks like I’ll have to follow his lead; keep your own records separate from records others can edit.

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I’m afraid you’re preaching to the choir, there. I’m an ASM, and not particularly fond of the new system interface. However, the BSA didn’t consult me about the interface change in advance, so now they get my complaints in arrears. :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks again Charley.

What is it going to take for BSA to correct this issue? How many squeaky wheels will it take?

Cheers Charley

Parents and youth were able to add activities to the Scout’s service, camping, and hiking logs before in Scoutbook. The Scoutbook logs were mostly modeled after the logs in the back of the Scout Handbook. The part that was missing was the Scoutmaster or adult signature.

The Scouting mobile app is an app that was designed for Scouts and parents - not adult leaders.

The activity logs in IA 2.0 were intended to answer many user requests, such as having automatic entry for JTE, ability for adult leaders to approve, etc.

If you are registered as Scoutmaster, but you cannot access a Scout’s activity logs, then that is a bug. Please report bugs to Scoutbook Support at:


Please include as much information as you can (your name, BSA ID number, unit number, council name, your adult leadership position(s), a description of the issues you are having, etc.

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Log entries entered by parents and scouts still need to be approved. That will give you the chance to verify them.

ETA-That was a major enhancement with moving the logs to IA. It would have required a major change to Scoutbook to incorporate this feature.


My Parents are telling me they are still not able to enter logs either.

COR of Cub Scout Pack here. I can not enter any advancements in Internet Advancement 2.0. Been trying since yesterday afternoon. I have already submitted an inquiry email. I keep getting error codes such as “the user already has the version of the adventure” “user adventure record update failed” “missing authorization header”. I already looked at my profile and I am correctly listed as Chartered Organization Rep(COR). I have never had any issues entering advancements/awards until now. I am not computer savvy, but have had this job in my Pack for about 2years. Still learning, but this a tad annoying. Is there a deadline to submit this past scout years advancements?? I think I saw on an email or article somewhere that Council extended the deadline to 7/30…which is in 2 days. Need this resolved ASAP if that is correct.

@StephanieAdams2 - The first error you note seems to indicate that you are attempting to enter something already recorded for that scout. I would be willing to run a screenshare to take a look at what is happening. I do not normally enter things directly in IA2 save for log entries but would be willing to dive into the issue with you. If that works, email shornak@bloomberg.net and we can take a look.

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Thank you! I am currently on phone with the National Help Desk for BSA and I have an email inquiry out for review. If those do not get resolved, I will be contacting you :slight_smile:

Who are the adults that can add service hours? I am the administrator for our troop and continue to be the Advancement Chair for our troop. I can see all of our scouts, I can’t add service hours for any of them not even my own son.

BSA my.scouting tools are in transition. I think BSA still has:
a. Good Turn database - old database still used for Eagle Scout (and some other ) service projects
b. IA2 activity logs databases: unit service and individual service.
c. Scoutbook scout advancement.

IA2 Activity Logs is a my.scouting tool (separate from Scoutbook) I do not have an updated my.scouting access matrix. I believe key-3 leaders have access. Have a key-3 leader check if you are active as a advancement chair on the my.scouting tools site. Turning that on might work for some my.Scouting tools access.

Scoutbook written knowledge-base file:

Scoutbook sponsored scouting forum

My Scouting Tools - A forum for discussing My Scouting Tools (at https://my.scouting.org/)

Thanks Jennifer but in my humble opinion, the Scout leader had a simple process to add camping, hiking, and service events via the Scoutbook app. I had a discussion on this topic a few months back; a couple taps on your smartphone and hours, miles, and/or nights were recorded. Now the leader is taken to IA and has to navigate through an un-intuitive process to record those events. Even with JTE, the leader is working harder, not smarter to record events, on top of adjudicating what records parents and Scouts add to Scoutbook app. I’m running out of what remaining seconds on my one hour a week I give to Scouting. Cheers

According to Scoutbook, I am listed as Troop Admin, Committee Member, Unit Advancement Chair. Why can’t I update a scout’s activity log. Even the Scoutmaster couldn’t do it. Somebody please help. Thank you.

As has been noted in various threads on this subject, positions in Scoutbook do not allow for updating the activity logs which are now hosted in IA2 (scoutbook.scouting.org).

An individual must be listed in my.scouting.org as one of the Unit Key 3 (Scoutmaster, Committee Chair, Chartered Organization Representative), a Key 3 Delegate designated in the Organizational Security Manager (OSM) at my.scouting, or as designated as Unit Advancement Chair in the OSM at my.scouting (not in Scoutbook).

I would suggest having the scoutmaster verify that he or she is correctly listed at .

@Bill_W posted the how-to video reference for updating activities at my.scouting above in this thread:

It’s not the most easily followed demonstration video I’ve seen, and I had to play it at a slower speed to catch what was going on a couple of times.