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Activity Patch to commemorate this year?

I’ve been looking around trying to find some sort of patch to recognize the kids who stuck with scouting through the challenges of the last year, and I’m not finding what I’m looking for. I thought maybe someone here would have a lead for me.
I’m looking for something that:
Doesn’t have profanity - there are a lot of really pretty ones that say “operation CF” on them, or spell that out… otherwise those are exactly what I’m looking for.
Doesn’t imply a role in fighting it
Doesn’t say “survived” because that’s a really low bar
Isn’t for a specific activity
Manages the balance between being a quarantine cheerleader and being angry.

Anyone have something like this? Even a wordless picture of the virus itself would fit the bill.

If this doesn’t exist, I’d also welcome links to any “making the best of it” or lemonade when life gives you lemons type of patch.

Has anyone already done this search for their own pack and have some links to share?


LIMITED EDITION Camp COVID 19 these are the patches I bought for last years summer camp for troop

COVID-19 Solidarity Response Badge they have these too


Here’s a few I found. Good Luck! :smiley:


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