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Activity Pin Name Changes

Help me understand if there are some of the changes to the Activity Pin names. Readyman is now First Responder or vice versa? How long ago did that change? Is Scoutbook correct? Is there a Citizen pin, if so is there another name for it,I can not find it. Either scoutbook is wrong or our council is using the old names - which I think is the issue. I just want to be sure. Thanks for your help.

it has been first responder from the beginning of that Adventure, so 2015. Readyman/Citizen are the old system pins I think.


@DonovanMcNeil’s right: it’s been a while since the old activity badges were extant, and Readyman → First Responder. Your council is out of date in their terminology.

If I recall correctly (and it’s been a while…) Building a Better World (AoL required adventure) is probably the closest to the old Citizen activity badge.

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That is what I thought when our council put out an activity list for an even and stated that Readyman and Citizen were some of the pins that can be earned. But I wanted to check it out first before I said something. Thanks.

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Readyman and Citizen are part of the old Webelos activity badges that were discontinued in 2015.

The current adventure pin names are listed here:

Current adventure names are also in the Webelos Den Leader Guide.

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