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Activity Reports - How to Create?

OK, I’m looking everywhere but can’t seem to find this report. It is nowhere on my…

  1. Internet Advancement report.
  2. My profile
  3. In reports

I can see that I can create an individual report for a scout, but not for the whole troop. For instance if I wanted to see who attended which campout this year, I don’t see any way to get this data except go in to each event one by one and copy and paste names, which seems silly.

What am I missing?

Go to Scoutbook > Dashboard > Click on your Unit > Click on Troop Reports > Choose Activity Log Report.

When it takes you to the IA2 screen, up on the right hand side you can choose what type of event to filter by. You can also set the date period, and use the drop down box to decide how you want the scouts sorted when the report runs.

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I feel silly now. Abashed I missed that - thanks so much!!!


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