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Activity tracking in Scoutbook - poor Db transfer to Internet advancement

When is Scoutbook going to fix the broken activity tracker that is native?
I was reviewing several Scouts activity log to determine who may or may not be eligible for MBs, Rank advancement, or nomination to OA. I learned that the db transfer from Scoutbook to internet advancement only captured parts of the db and missed days of camping, hiking distances, and service hours.
I am a scoutmaster and key3 and was not able to fix this issue in the IA activity log (no edit capability). This is poor work by the team that did the db transfer from SB to IA. adding cutsey stuff, makes it even more frustrating I don’t add emoji’s to an email for a description for an activity or be able to login with Google, apple, or facebook; until I can fix my Scouts records…just what are the development priorities for Scoutbook? They appear to have veered off the course of what a Scout, Scoutmaster, or Troop need to track their activities and ensure the gates are being met for advancement and National level awards.


In Internet Advancement, did you turn on the Individual Event filter? By default Personal Activities is turned off so log events imported from Scoutbook are hidden.

I’m not sure. I only use IA because the activity tracker in SB has been disabled.
When I log into IA, it is through SB.
I can see all the activities that a Scout had logged in SB, before the db migration.
Does that help?


If you can see all the activities the Scout logged in SB before the change, what is missing?

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The duration…so as an example the campouts are single day events…campouts are not single day events. We camp in the summer Friday to Sunday, that would be two nights 2 days. The hike distance and times are missing.


Isuggest logging in to Scoutbook then going to your unit page and selecting Export/Backup. You can export the legacy logs to a csv file. Check that file to see if the data matches what you see in Internet Advancement. Let us know if it does not match as they should be the same.

I have found that the individual advancement items did not migrate correctly for my troop. I have numerous examples of campouts which have the correct attendance in Scoutbook, but do not have the same number of individual records in the Activity log, and NONE of the Adult activity records were migrated.

When I was trying to put together and OA Eligibility Report through the Activities database is not pulling the right data. This whole migration to the new Activity log has been a mess.

I printed the Attendace report from Scoutbook to recreate all of 2019 for my unit, only to make the mess worse. I now have scouts who have the same campout show up twice in their report, others who were at the same campout only once.

To add to the frustration, the UI not very user friendly - so much clicking. Did any of the developers try to use a keyboard to do the data entry? (I am going to make an educated guess that they did not…)

Also, when looking at the activities, I have a whole bunch of 1 person items from the migration (based on the message at the top of the activity), which involve 3 clicks each (one to open, one to close and one to confirm the close on an item I cannot edit) to check who the 1 participant is. The dev team needs some UX / UI help for sure.

Double data entry is always frustrating for the end user - if ScoutBook and IA share the same backend database, WHY do I have to manage RSVPs, communication and take attendance in Scoutbook, and then manually create the event AGAIN and record who attended AGAIN in Internet Advancement?

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